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TENNIS J, coat hook

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A tennis ball, made of rubber coated with a layer of felt, stands out  peremptorily for the prominence of  its color.
The perfection of the sphere is in contrast to the topological imperfections of the curved white path that separates the two yellow strips of felt, characterized by a filamentous surface: homogeneous, when seen from afar,  heterogeneous and unpredictable to a closer observation.
A visual point , perfectly integrated to the contemporary figurative collective immagination.
A tennis ball, as a sport-related object, responding with rebounds calibrated to mechanical stress exerted by the racket, is an example of fully functionality: as a coat hook offers excellent  performance requirements: safe, simple and suitable for any surface fastening, good adhesion to the garments thanks to the friction exerted by the felt, integration with a stainless steel additional  hook (model TENNIS+).
Insilvis TENNIS J completes the collection of sporting ready-made objects: GOLF, FOOTBALL, BASEBALL.

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