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The strong formal energy of the Indian opuntia expresses the essentiality of an iconic form, nearly a century-old presumption.
| 11/8/2013

DAPHNE, coat stand

During its own long-lasting history humanity has always experienced a symbiotic relationships with trees and their fruits, irreplaceable source of protection, nourishment, energy, means for health care.
| 11/8/2013

DOWNHILL, ski holder

Two straight lines intersect in infinity, ideally following the earth’s curvature. Geometrical essentiality, exactness of design and execution, high finishing, emotional suggestions attached to this simple shape beyond its strict obviousness.
| 11/8/2013

FRUITS, coat hook

Fruit are a usual and reassuring presence in the domestic landscape: charming organic shapes, unpredictable and friendly colours, innocent iconographical freshness in conjunction with complexity of the metaphorical meanings.
| 11/8/2013
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