Valet Hanger EYE B - Insilvis

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Valet Hangers


DIMENSIONS: CM 15 x 16 x 45.

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INSILVIS valet hangers express handiness in beauty.
Installation is foolproof and steady, versatile functionality is an important goal achieved.
Use-value is a pleasant occasion to achieve a significant contribution to the definition of a contemporary domestic space, where  abstract items turn into  experienced and personal objects and where say-nothing  things  acquire relational emotionality.
Symbolic and figurative iconography,  gentle and ironic, casts a bright and tender light, thus revealing the poetic contents of everyday life.
Forms and volumes are made vibrant by light that meets matter: stainless steel reacts in a always different way to both natural and artificial light.
Sometimes regains a warm and saturated shade, sometimes casts cold dazzles, sometimes dilutes itself into a vague whiteness, as if to nullify the density of matter.
These objects can offer enduring satisfactions: by reason of their  iconographic freshness and intensity they place themselves beyond fashions and they do not fear taste swing; by reason of  their intrinsic quality of materials and production they avoid premature obsolescence.
Beyond emotion and surprise of the first encounter, an emotional reflection on our living spaces.
QUID expresses abstraction and essentiality: it alludes to inner order.
EYE takes cue from the figurative themes of eye and eyesight by means of light: night inner light, solar day light.
OH! offers the freshness and semantic complexity of an exclamation.
ANGELICA is the projection of a timeless image: in the clearness of memory she expresses the renewed astonishment at a new sunup.

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